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MF 045 : How to Succeed by Being the Best at “Nothing,” with Quinntessentials Founder, J

Julie Quinn

Julie Quinn, founder of Quinntessentials Products and Essential Oils, discusses how cultivating her intuition allowed her to follow the signs and build a business she loves. As a multi-faceted entrepreneur, Julie is “the best at nothing” yet the perfect teacher for those of us with diffused interest.  Learn how “not quitting you” and being still can be the cornerstones of your own success.


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In MF 045, co-host and personal development coach, Kristen Knepper, interviews Quinntessentials founder, Julie Quinn on starting a business and launching a line of organic essential oil products.  ‘Moving Forward’ listeners and vueavant.com visitors can learn more about these and other subjects with  two free audio books from Audible (details here).

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