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MF 042 : The Power of Intention and the “700 Failures” to Success, with Dr. Howard Davis


Imagine turning an entire industry on its head to create a revolutionary line of products that defies the aging process. Imagine combining seemingly disparate disciplines: biology, theology, philosophy, nutrition and cutting edge homeopathic sciences to create a new way of approaching inner and outer health.  What if to see your vision come to fruition, you had to create an entirely new process that ran counter to the way products in the cosmetic industry have always been manufactured?  How many failed attempts and experiments would you invest to bring about that one success?  How many would you be able to endure?  5? 10? 50? 100?  What if five of the top experts in the world said it couldn’t be done?  Would you even try?  For Dr. Howard Davis (founder of Dreamous | Pastor at Word of Christ Church), it took 3 and half years and 700 failed experiments to create that one breakthrough.  What did Dr. Davis have that separates those that dream from those that do?  Of all the formulas Dr. Davis has worked with, this one is perhaps the most revealing and game changing: will plus creativity plus attention to detail.   The most important take away from this episode is that staggering achievements begin and end with the will to achieve.


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In MF 042, co-host, John Lim, speaks with scientist | pastor | entrepreneur, Dr. Howard Davis (founder of Dreamous), on founding a company that has revolutionized skin care by creating a whole new production process.  Dr. Davis names several texts that have inspired him on his journey, most notably, The Bible (King James version) | Kindle edition, as a guide on the subconscious and as an authority on determination, perseverance and will power.  Dr. Davis also cites the work of Dr. B.J. Palmer and Dr. Samuel Hahnemann on homeopathy, as additional influences.

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