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MF 040 : Connecting the Dots Between Science, Fashion, Finance and Social Entrepreneurship, with Jes


Co-host and entrepreneur, John Lim, interviews fashion consultant | branding and marketing expert | cancer research coordinator, Jessica Jeang. Jessica is truly a renaissance woman, having done everything from co-inventing a patented anti-Ebola suit that was featured on PBS and Fast Company to consulting with fashion and jewelry companies on brand strategies.  With the same 24 hour day, 7 day a week constraints that we all share, Jessica manages to find the time to research cancer vaccines, help fight human trafficking in Cambodia, advise startups, teach yoga and study for a masters in finance. Jessica is a modern day tour de force who shares the wisdom that “great inspiration can definitely come in times of desperation” and advises listeners to free yourself from the shackles of self-judgement to move forward.


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In MF 040, co-host John Lim, interviews multi-preneneur and self-proclaimed “capitalist hippy,” Jessica Jeang, on finding your passion by freeing yourself from what John refers to as the “bag of bricks” of self-doubt.  As inspiration for this critical mindset shift, Jessica shares the story of two monks, who carry a woman across a river.  After a difficult time, one of the monks is left reeling from the experience while the older monk explains the value of letting go of the past and being present.  You can find variations of this classic tale online.  In addition, Gregory March has a beautifully illustrated rendition, Muddy Road, which is a modern take on the story.

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