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MF 037 : EX2 Adventures Founder, Jim Harman, on Being an Outdoor and Experiential Entrepreneur


EX2 Adventures founder, Jim Harmon, took his passion for adventure and turned it into a business and career that literally takes him through many ups and downs: cycling, racing, climbing and running, that is. By channeling that adventurous spirit into an entrepreneurial fire, Jim was able to take risks, achieve freedom, find clarity in his values while providing his customers and clients an outlet for their love of the outdoors.


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In MF 037, EX2 Adventures founder, Jim Harman, talks about starting a business that is fueled by a passion for pushing the limits and the outdoors.  As part of his journey, Jim talks about the importance of being singularly focused; citing Michael Lardon’s book Finding Your Zone (paperback) | Kindle (edition), which covers several core lessons for achieving peak performance.

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