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MF 036 : How Julianna Dahbura Launched a Cosmestics Business Built on Lifestyle Branding

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

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Julianna Dahbura is the founder of Deco Miami, an innovative cosmetics company, built on a lifestyle branding strategy.  Julianna reveals how growing up in a family of entrepreneurs; in particular, being inspired by her grandfather, Bud, led her to the start-up path.  Julianna’s innate understanding of customer needs, combined with a talent for scalable solutions, has been ingrained since her early days.  Julianna started out as the quintessential entrepreneurial kid, selling lemonade and creating a dog-walking business.  Later, Julianna launched the Campus Connection, a popular online knowledge hub for prospective college students, after a conversation with one of her college friends led her to recognize a gap that needed to be filled.  Julianna’s creative spirit combined with a fearless, “take on the world” attitude is a prime example of what is possible when you combine hard work with gumption, grit and an unwavering determination to turn dreams into reality.


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