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MF 035 : Engineering, Effective Communications and Leadership as Ingredients to Startup Success, wit


Todd Mersch, co-founder and executive vice-president of sales and marketing at XCellAir, discusses the challenges and realities of running a telecommunications start-up.  Trained as an engineer, Todd breaks stereotypes by demonstrating his ability to be both a linear thinker and a creative communicator.  His straight-forward answers and dynamic leadership style will surprise and inspire you to see the benefits of mastering both hard and soft skills.


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Todd Mersch is the co-founder and vice president of sales and marketing, Todd Mersch of XCellAir. In this episode, Todd shares how his engineering background, combined with his mastery of soft skills; particularly in the areas of communications and leadership, have given him the edge in the telecom start-up industry.  There are many great titles on entrepreneurship, effective leadership and the telecommunications industry. ‘Moving Forward’ listeners can start with two free audio books from Audible (details here).

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