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MF 034 : Money, Mindset, and Energy with The Money Coach’s Nanci Murdock


Nanci Murdock is certified financial analyst, Huffington Post contributor and founder of The Money Coach; a knowledge hub empowering women to take control of their financial lives. Nanci shares how an early career setback, being unceremoniously fired from a major investment firm, gave her the mindset to pivot towards a life and career based on freedom and fulfillment.


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In MF 034,  co-host and entrepreneur, John Lim interviews The Money Coach’s Nanci Murdock, CFA (Huffington Post) on her journey from certified financial analyst to digital entrepreneur.  Nanci reveals several mindset revelations that provided the catalyst for her to break away from the limitations of the 9-5; to find a more fulfilling and rewarding path. The starting point for Nanci’s transformation was Stuart Widle’s The Trick to Money is Having Some (Paperback) | Kindle edition. Nanci cites Wilde’s book as the first one that taught her to see money as energy and a source of abundance.

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