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MF 032 : Taking Ownership of Your Career or How to Succeed in Business as an English Major

Updated: Apr 15

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  2. Forbes (‘That ‘Useless’ Liberal Arts Degree Has Become Tech’s Hottest Ticket’)

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In MF 032,  co-host and entrepreneur, John Lim interviews Snipp’s Vice President of Operations, Megan Prikhodko, on her career and how she has fine tuned her passion over the years.  Megan started out as an English / Philosophy major in college, which has influenced the way she looks at organizations; through the metaphor of chapters and sentences.  Recently, as a new mother, Megan finds herself reading more children’s books than philosophy texts, but she is able to see a connective tissue with many of the poems she loved in college.  In particular, Megan praises Greg Foley’s Thank You Bear‘ (hard cover) | Kindle edition | Board book, which teaches the lesson that people will always give you their opinion, regardless of whether you ask for it but that the motivations behind those opinions should not deter you from pursuing your goals or from taking pride in your accomplishments.

Megan’s new book Leap is available for Paperback and Kindle

In 2019, Megan released a collection of poems that she has been writing since age 15. It’s a fantastic collection and I highly recommend it.

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