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MF 028 : Tasha Hardy Shares How Creating Space Moves You Forward to Find Your Passion

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

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In MF 028,  co-host and entrepreneur John Lim interviews award winning screenplay writer | film producer | video and animation production manager, Tasha Hardy on her career and how she has been able to stay flexible; pivoting when necessary to fine tune her passion over the years.  As a screenwriter, Tasha has an affinity for story and modern day fairy tales; citing the classic The Princess Bride (Blu Ray) | Digital edition as one of her all-time favorite films.  It is a timeless classic that proves that great stories speak to all ages.

Tasha’s four-step process for finding your passion:

  1. Creating space: be disciplined and make it a priority to carve out time so you can properly explore and invest the time so your passion can find you.ime so your passion can find you.

  2. High-level multi-tasking: focusing on one thing at a time can be draining and in the world of startups, change and shifts on a project are inevitable.  Stay nimble by being involved in multiple projects.  If you run a team be involved at a higher level and delegate.  Don’t be afraid to get your hands into several things at once but don’t immerse yourself so much that you spread yourself too thin.

  3. Know when to step away: After trying out writing, Tasha ultimately realized she did not want to spend her career as a writer.  Instead, she went back to what her passion was, did some major self-exploration and pivoted; tweaking her passion more towards becoming a producer.

  4. What you do today may have payoffs down the road: In the podcast, Tasha discusses several projects, both as a writer and line producer, that didn’t immediately open doors until several years later; including and specifically her career shift into video and animation production.  Thus, it is important to know that what you invest in today, may not immediately open doors.  Delayed gratification and long-term rewards are disciplines that you should be mindful of when exploring your passions.

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  1. Tasha on IMDB

  2. Star Trek: World Enough and Time (Tasha served as Line Producer)

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