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MF 026.5 : How Ron Lynch Asked a Question and the World Responded or Why We Should All Aspire to be

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Matthew loved reading so much that he asked Ron, a Utah mailman, for junk mail because he couldn’t afford a bus pass to go to the library. Ron, himself an avid reader since age 3, posted Matthew’s story on Facebook and the world responded. After receiving thousands of books, Matthew has embodied a rare selflessness by sharing the books with other kids. An incredible story of two lives brought together to form a lifelong friendship that brought out the best in people worldwide.


Ron and Matthew’s Story:

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How you can help:

As Ron Lynch says, “There are millions of Matthew’s out there … just do what I did, go out and find them.  They’re there, they’re everywhere.  Use social media, talk to your neighbors, go back to the schools, maybe the schools you grew up in and make a donation of books.”

In addition, there are many wonderful local and national organizations that collect books and donations to support kids who love reading.  We have listed a few below:

  1. Books for Kids

  2. Sheltering Books

  3. Books for America

  4. Project Night Night

  5. DonationTown

  6. KidsNeedtoRead


In addition, ‘Moving Forward’ listeners can get two free audio books from Audible (details here).

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