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MF 020 : The Tao of Alicia Jessop: Sports, The Law, Purpose, Passion, People and Happiness

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Co-host and entrepreneur, John Lim, interviews sports-legal analyst, blogger, commentator, law professor, Alicia Jessop (CNBC, ESPN, Huffington Post, Forbes.com), on her extraordinary career; combining two passions into a life and career driven by purpose. Alicia’s authenticity and desire to help others has guided her to avoid the trading time for money trap and the often misleading paradigm of “success vs failure.” Instead, Alicia has transcended the rat race of a traditional legal career to create RulingSports and has found fulfillment and joy in helping others through her teaching and her work helping orphans in Haiti through the power of sports. A truly extraordinary individual and an inspiration to seek purpose and happiness in your life.


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In MF 020,  co-host and entrepreneur, John Lim, interviews sports and legal blogger, commentator, law professor, Alicia Jessop, on her non-traditional career path, combining her love of sports with her legal background. Alicia cites several books that inspired her journey including Tony Dungee’s Quiet Strength (paperback) / Kindle Edition and Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers (paperback) / Kindle Edition. Alicia also credits the band U2 as an inspiration for her creative spirit.  U2 Greatest Hits Part I (CD) / U2 Greatest Hits Part II (CD).


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