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MF 018 : Yuval Bar-Or Finds his Passion Bringing Financial Literacy to the Medical Profession

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

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Co-host and entrepreneur, John Lim, interviews consultant, financial literacy coach, and professor Yuval Bar-Or. Inspired by his father and encouraged by a high school English teacher, Yuval’s career path led him to start the Pillars of Wealth, bringing financial literacy to the medical profession.  A love of teaching and a desire to share his gifts with others, Yuval’s story is a great example of how early mentors can inspire us to reach great heights.


  1. Carey Business School (Professor Bio)

  2. Pillars of Wealth

  3. Pillars of Wealth titles, covering both personal and business finance:

  4. Pillars of Wealth: Personal Finance Essentials for Medical Professionals

  5. Pillars of Wealth: Finance & Business Essentials for Medical Practices

  6. Other books:

  7. Is a PhD for Me? Life in the Ivory Tower: A Cautionary Guide for Aspiring Doctoral Students

  8. Play to Prosper: The Small Investor’s Survival Guide

  9. Play to Prosper: The Passive Investor’s Game Plan

  10. Leveraging People for a Corporate Turnaround: Leadership and Management Guidance for Organizational Change

  11. Crazy Little Risk Called Love

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