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MF 016 : Jen Grisanti on Finding Your Passion Through the Art of Storytelling


Co-host and entrepreneur, John Lim, interviews Jen Grisanti, Hollywood’s most in demand and talented storytelling and scriptwriting consultant.  Jen’s own amazing story is worthy of a motion picture; a tale starting with self-made success as a studio executive only to later hit a crossroad filled with professional and personal heartache.  It was Jen’s compassion, courage and love of storytelling that led to the ultimate comeback story, The Jen Grisanti Consultancy, through which Jen mentors aspiring screenwriters and business leaders in the art of storytelling; enabling them to write their own success stories.  However, the biggest testament to Jen’s success is that of her clients, many of whom have landed jobs with some of the biggest television and film projects out there.  More importantly, Jen has been a mentor to her students, guiding them each step of the way.  Jen’s enormous talent is only matched by her generous spirit in celebrating their successes.  At its core story is about connecting with people through a captivating tale.  Jen’s is an extraordinary story that will infuse you with the inspiration, passion, and courage to write the next chapters in your life’s screenplay.


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Recs and Reads:

We’ve partnered with Amazon so you can explore and purchase many of the great books, movies, and media recommended by our guests on ‘Moving Forward.’  Simply click on the links below to view and shop.

Books by Jen Grisanti: In addition to her coaching and consulting services, Jen has written several fantastic books on the art of storytelling.  These books provide insights into the fine art of storytelling as told by someone who has made it her life and career passion.  A fantastic collection for any aspiring screenwriter or business leader trying to tell the story of his or her brand.

Change Your Story, Change Your Life: A Path to Success (Paperback | Kindle)

TV Writing Tool Kit: How to Write a Script that Sells (Kindle)

Story Line: Finding Gold in Your Life Story (Paperback | Kindle)

Media by Jen Grisanti: Jen provides a fantastic instructional series on storytelling techniques and finding your unique voice.

Storywise: Story Tools with Jen Grisanti (streaming video)

Storywise: Writing The Feature Script with Jen Grisanti (streaming video)

Other Book Recommendations by Jen Grisanti: In talking about writer’s block and how to do the important emotional work to break through and take chances, Jen recommends The Tools by Phil Stutz and Barry Michaels (Paperback | Kindle).

Inspiring media: One of my favorite parts of this interview was asking Jen about the stories that inspire her.  Like a chevalier recommending fine vintages of pinot, Jen provides insightful and thoughtful recommendations on films and television shows that highlight the human condition through impactful stories as told by some of the most talented writers today.

Films: For Jen, the films that resonate the most with her are the stories where the writer had to dig deep to find an emotional truth.  All of these films were critically acclaimed and nearly all won the Academy Award for best original screenplay.

The Lives of Others (Blu Ray | Streaming Video)

The King’s Speech (Blu Ray Streaming Video)

Good Will Hunting (Blu Ray Streaming Video)

Braveheart (Blu Ray Streaming Video)

The Imitation Game (Blu Ray Streaming Video)

Television: Jen cites Homeland: Season 1 as an example of brilliant story telling and a great teaching tool for aspiring writers.

Homeland: Season 1 (Blu Ray | Streaming Video (pilot))

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