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MF 012 : How Julienne Irons Transformed Herself From Aspiring Actress to Rising Superstar by Embraci

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  1. Julienne’s IMDB profile

  2. Demo Reel

  3. The Neville Reader (Kindle edition)

  4. The Neville Reader (paperback)

  5. Let it Go (‘Frozen’)

  6. ‘Frozen’ (Blu Ray)

  7. ‘Frozen’ (Instant Video Streaming)

Connect with Julienne:

  1. Theatrical Agent (Film/TV bookings): Nicole Denersesian

  2. Commercial Agent: TAG Models, Inc.

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Recs & Reads:

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On MF 012, co-host and entrepreneur, John Lim, interviews television & film actress and model Julienne Irons on her extraordinary career in Hollywood. Among her inspirations, Julienne cites Neville Goddard’s work as encapsulated in ‘The Neville Reader’ (paperback) / Kindle version which has translated the Bible into visualized metaphors. Julienne discusses how visualization has helped her gain clarity in her life and career. Julienne also names the popular song ‘Let it Go’ from the popular Disney film ‘Frozen’ (blu ray) / digital version as another inspiration; one that has created a special bond with her niece.  


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