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MF 008 : How Marc Zicree Succeeded in Hollywood by Changing the Rules of the Game

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On MF 008, Marc Zicree discusses the secrets of his success and staying power in Hollywood; an industry town notorious for short-term fame and faded dreams.  Marc shares the power of mentors, relationships, vision and authenticity as just some of the ingredients to surviving and succeeding in a tough, competitive industry.  Marc is also a strong believer in diversifying your creative output and in addition to his work as a film and TV writer, producer, director, he has authored several high profile books, including the definitive Twilight Zone Companion, the Magic Time series:

  1. Magic Time (paperback) / Kindle version

  2. Magic Time: Ghostlands (paperback) / Kindle version

  3. Magic Time: Angelfire (paperback) / Kindle version

Marc recently co-authored a new book, Cabinet of Curiosities (hardback) / Kindle version with famed film director Guillermo del Toro.  Marc cites many influences on his career including The Twilight Zone seriesStar TrekSpace Patrol (Vol. 1 / Vol 2.), Blade Runner (blu ray) / digital versionAliens (blu ray) / digital versionThe Martian Chronicles (paperback) / Kindle version (written by Marc’s mentor and famed sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury), To Kill a Mockingbird (paperback) / film (blu ray) and many more.


In addition, ‘Moving Forward’ listeners can get two free audio books, including many of the tiles by Marc Zicree, from Audible (details here).

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