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MF 004 : Griff Hall on Asking the Right Questions to Find Freedom and Passion in Your Career

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On MF 004, Griff Hall discusses the importance of asking questions; a discipline that separates great leadership from poor decision making.  Griff cites ‘Team of Rivals’ by Doris Kearns Goodwin (paperback) / Kindle version as his favorite book on leadership with a rich, detailed look at Abraham Lincoln’s presidency as recounted through letters which Goodwin painstakingly researched for over a decade.  Goodwin’s book was also the basis for the excellent 2012 film ‘Lincoln’ (blu ray) / digital version starring Daniel Day-Lewis, who delivered an Academy Award-winning performance as the 16th President.  In a sharp departure from more traditional interpretations, Lewis provides a weary, beleaguered portrayal of Lincoln with the tone and body language of a man carrying the weight of history on his shoulders.  When it comes to the daunting question of how do you find your passion in life, Griff recommends ‘The Highest Goal’ by Stanford’s Michael Ray (paperback) / Kindle version, a mentor to many of Silicon Valley’s great entrepreneurs.  In particular, Griff discusses Ray’s practice of quieting your mind and a reflective exercise called ‘The Most Meaningful Thing’ as a focal point for asking the important why questions.


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