• John Lim

MF 001 : Aspiring Entrepreneur John Lim Discovers his Passion Through Rediscovering His Five Year Ol

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  1. Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

  2. Acting Coach Brenna McDonough

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On this introductory episode, John Lim cites Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ (paperback) as one of his influences for shifting his mindset from the employee category to the business category.  Kiyosaki provides a primer on financial literacy and education that is not taught in schools; challenging the trading time for money habit that is so ingrained in many of us.

John also recounts the story of how he missed an opportunity to have George Takei sign a copy of his autobiography ‘To the Stars’ (paperback) / Kindle version. As fate would have it, John would have a chance to work with George 10 years later on the film ‘Star Trek: World Enough and Time.’  ‘To the Stars’ recounts George’s life from his family’s struggles with internment during WWII to overcoming racism and bias, pursuing a career as an actor in Hollywood.


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