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Digital Brand to Dream Job Blog Series

Recently, I was invited to write a blog series for my alma mater, The Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School, where I received my MBA.  The series focuses on creating a digital brand to land your dream job.

Evidence of the power of digital branding is all around us.  Many of you may be familiar with Nina Mufleh’s story of how she created a branded website to grab the attention of AirBnb to land her dream job. Digital branding is extremely powerful and leverages low or no cost tools including video, audio and visual images to capture, captivate and cultivate relationships with potential employers or potential clients and customers.

Check out the entire series which covers six digital tools that you can start leveraging today to create your digital brand:

Part I: Why Resumes Won’t Cut it Anymore

Part II: Websites and YouTube

Part III: eBooks and Facebook

Part IV: Podcasts and Webinars

‘Moving Forward’ listeners and visitors can get two free audio books from Audible (details here).

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