• John Lim

Celebrate the Holidays with Moving Forward

Updated: Feb 10

MF 321 : A reading of “Christmas Bells” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1865)

On this holiday episode, I do a reading of “Christmas Bells” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, written in 1865. More at www.bemovingforward.com.

MF 201 : A Christmas Carol (1984) Movie Commentary, with John Lim and Angelo Spenillo

In this special holiday episode, Angelo Spenillo joins John Lim to provide a commentary on the 1984 classic film ‘A Christmas Carol‘ starring George C. Scott and based on the novel by Charles Dickens.

MF 148.5 : ‘Chilly the Snowman,’ with Special Guest Angela Ferrari (Host of ‘Story Spectacular’)

On this special holiday bonus episode, John Lim and children’s book author, storyteller, Angela Ferrari (www.storyspectacular.com), present ‘Chilly the Snowman.’ This episode is appropriate for listeners of all ages.

MF 096.5 : A Reading of ‘A Visit from St. Nicholas’ by Clement Clarke Moore (1823)

John Lim gives a reading of the Christmas poem, ‘A Visit from St. Nicholas’ by Clement Clarke Moore’ (1823).

MF 044.5 : The Last Minute Holiday Greeting Card Hack (Bonus episode)

John Lim shares his holiday greeting card hack that will save you time and allow you to convey your holiday messages in a more authentic, heartfelt way. This hack will also improve your public speaking skills.

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