Corporate Cliches

An Adult Coloring Book for Passive Aggressive Stress Relief Against Eye-Roll Inducing Office Sayings

By John Lim, Jenn L. and Brian B.

19 of the most annoying and eye-roll inducing corporate cliches translated into hilarious coloring book pages.  

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  • I got my ducks in a row.”

    Sleazy Sales Guy

  • Hey, don't throw me under the bus.”

    The Annoying Manager

  • Just ping me."

    Snooty IT Guy

  • Go for the low hanging fruit.”

    Pompous VP

  • All hands on deck!”

    Who let this guy in the building?


Brian B. and Jenn L.

John Lim

About the Authors

John Lim is the only one who was brave enough to put his full name on this book.  Just kidding ... well sort of.  Jenn L. and Brian B. contributed a LOT in making this book but since they're still in corporate America, they decided to remain semi-anonymous (chicken! bwaaak!).  So Instead of their headshots, you get a nice photo of the cover.

John Lim is the exec. producer and host of the 'Moving Forward' podcast which has reached listeners in over 50 countries.  Through 'Moving Forward,' John has spoken w/ some of today's most inspiring entrepreneurs, artists and leaders, with an eye towards inspiring listeners to take action and move forward.  John himself is an expert in career wanderlust, having done everything from practice law to acting in film and TV to online education and webinars.

Jenn L. is a UX designer, strategist who also doubles as an illustrator (Jenn is the mastermind behind the incredible artwork in 'Corporate Cliches').  She is currently in hiding as she does not want to get fired from her day job.  She hopes we sell enough books so she can one day quit that day job.

Brian B. is a former MBA classmate of John's and a finance whiz (who hears corporate cliches daily).  He's also in hiding as he's not sure if the non-compete he signed would mean we'd have to surrender this book to the financial institution he works for (really Brian?).