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In November, 2014 John, an avid NPR junkie, was at the gym and couldn’t get a good signal that day.  Scrolling through a sea of unused apps, John decided to click on the podcast icon (the stick figure with the circles – kinda looks like this ((i)) ) and stumbled onto a world of awesome content.  After binging episodes of Entrepreneur on Fire w/ John Lee Dumas and Rich Dad Radio w/ Robert Kiyosaki, John was inspired to launch Moving Forward.  The goal was two-fold: as John was embarking on his own entrepreneurial journey, he wanted to learn as much as he could from individuals who had found that passion spark in their careers and businesses.  Second, John wanted to share these stories with an audience so they could get inspired to discover the extraordinary within them.  Listen to their stories, discover their knowledge bursts, make those connections get ready, it’s time to start moving forward.

John Lim

John Lim

Moving Forward Executive Producer and Host

John Lim is an entrepreneur specializing in public speaking, high impact presentations, online courses and digital products. He is the co-author of the ‘Corporate Cliches‘ adult coloring book and has been featured in Inc. (Minority Voices | Love of Pie Formula) and Cracked. John is the executive producer and host of the podcast series, Moving Forward, which has reached listeners in over 50 countries. Through Moving Forward, John has spoken with some of today’s most prominent entrepreneurs, artists, and influencers, including Winnie Sun, Jeffrey Hayzlett, Jen Grisanti, John Lee Dumas, Doug Drexler and more.

John describes his own journey as a fun ride through “career wanderlust.” After practicing law in the DC area, John worked for over a decade with a prominent Fortune 500 company delivering high-level presentations, webinars and seminars. In addition, John was a former actor for television and film, having acted in productions for The National Geographic Channel, The History Channel and HBO Productions.  John is known to many sci-fi fans for his role as “Young Lt. Cmdr Sulu,” opposite legendary actor, George Takei, in the production of Star Trek: World and Enough and Time (winner, TV Guide award, nominated for the Hugo and Nebula awards), written by Emmy Award™ winning screenplay writer, Michael Reeves and Hollywood director and producer, Marc Zicree.  The role captured the attention of top Hollywood Casting Director, April Webster and led to an audition for a co-starring role in the feature film, Star Trek (2009), directed by JJ Abrams.

John earned his BA from The University of Pennsylvania, his JD from Georgetown Law and his MBA from The Johns Hopkins University. John has been a regular keynote speaker, guest lecturer and panelist for The Johns Hopkins’ Carey Business School and been a guest contributor for Carey the Torch. John has also been a guest on Mary Fernandez’s ‘Persuasion Nation‘ podcast (for the highly popular “Dumb Question Friday” episode), Ryan Foland’s radio show, ‘Get Notified,’ Natalie Kim’s PersoNatalie podcast, and Podcasting Mastery with James Martell and Kimberly Juchnowski.

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