In a world where people are famous for doing nothing, we’re here to discover the ordinary individuals who take giant leaps to do something extraordinary …

Listen to their stories

Moving Forward is all about discovering the stories of ordinary extraordinary individuals who have achieved extraordinary success.  Everyone has a story to tell with a hero’s arc, obstacles to overcome, mountains to climb and lives to live.  Our guests come from all different backgrounds, professions and walks of life.  Hear their stories and discover what made them extraordinary so you can move forward and discover the extraordinary in you.

Discover their knowledge bursts

Success isn’t about being lucky and it definitely isn’t easy.  However, there are keys that can unlock the golden chalice of a successful business or a career you love.  The goal of Moving Forward is to get into the minds of our guests and find out what habits, practices, books, media and other secrets (which we all knowledge bursts) have led to their their success.  We want you to have these keys so you can move the needle and start turning your dreams and aspirations into reality.


Make those connections

Risk is the name of the game.  Life isn’t about playing it safe or taking the road commonly traveled.  I should know, I’ve been there: cubicle prisons, trading time for money, stagnating and not growing.  Today, working for a big company isn’t the end all, be all, nor is it the safe bet.  I’ve seen too many colleagues, talented individuals, suppress their passions in favor of a steady paycheck, only to be crushed when on the receiving end of a layoff (“displacement”) call with a faceless HR person.  Is that all there is?  Is getting a degree and playing musical corporate chairs the best we can aspire to?  How about starting a business or finding a career that inspires you every day?  Imagine being so excited that you actually can’t wait for Monday morning on a Sunday evening.  It can be done.  It all starts here with moving forward.

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